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Hindi Name : Bhangra, Mochkand, Babri
Sanskrit Name : Bhringaraja, Kesharaja, Kesharanjana
English Name : Thistles
Latin Name : Eclipta prostrata (Linn.) Linn./ Eclipta alba (Linn.) Hassk. (Asteraceae)

The genus name comes from the Greek word meaning "deficient," referencing the absence of bristles and awns on the fruit. The term Eclipta alba means "white" which refers to the color of the flowers. The herb has been traditionally used in Ayurveda mainly for the treatment of liver cirrhosis. It is bitter, hot, sharp and dry in taste.

Key Benefits :

  • The herb is used as a tonic and deobstruent in hepatic, splenic enlargements and skin diseases
  • The plant juice is administered in combination with aromatics for catarrhal jaundice
  • Eclipta alba possesses anti-hepatotoxic and anti-inflammatory activities. The fresh plant is considered anodyne and absorbent
  • May prevent hair loss, dandruff, and graying