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Hindi Name : Pakhanbheda, Patharchoor
Sanskrit Name : Ashmagna, Sailobheda, Upalabhedaka, Shilabheda
English Name : Pashanbhed
Latin Name : Bergenia ligulata

Pashanbhed or stone breaker is a well known Indian herb. It’s rhizome is the most used part for medicinal purposes. Pashanbhed is mostly used for the removal of kidney and urinary tract stones due to its antilithic property.

Key Benefits :

  • Antiurolithic is the property of preventing or dissolving stones in the ureters, bladders, or kidneys
  • The alcoholic extract of roots of Pashanbhed contains hypoglycemic (blood sugar lowering) properties
  • It might reduce elevated blood sugar levels in diabetic patients
  • This confirmed the hepatoprotective (liver protecting) effect of Pashanbhed