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About Polycare Herbals

Polycare Herbals is an Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing company in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Polycare is involved in traditional Ayurvedic Medicine in India. Traditional systems of medicine like Ayurveda have become popular in recent years. This is part of the renewed ethnic cultures the world over, in their lifestyles and religious beliefs. Medicine may be seen as a living component of an unbroken tradition stretching back to several centuries.

Our Vision

To be a leading manufacturer of herbal medicines, to improve health

Our Mission

Provide Researched and pure products to the customers for better health.


The word Ayurveda is made up of two Sanskrit words ayur and veda meaning ‘life’ and ‘knowledge’ respectively. Taken together they mean the ‘science of life’; in a more limited sense, the term is used to imply the science of medicine. The origins of Ayurveda are shrouded in antiquity.

Legend say that Brahma the Creator, a part of the holy trinity of gods, first perceived it and taught it to his son, Daksha Prajapati. Subsequently, Lord Dhanwantari, the god of healing and the teacher of the medical sciences passed it on to the prominent Hindu sages Atreya, Bharadvaja, Kashyapa, Sushruta, Parashara, and Charaka.

Natural & Organic

head to heel herbal products for the entire family


Innovation that makes a difference


Caring for the Earth the community

50k+ Happy Customers

100% Product Purity


10 Years of Industry Experience

Polycare Herbals has established as a leading Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing firm in the market. Renowned for their natural and herbal products. This is the reason of having number of happy customers. 

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