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Natural & Organic

head to heel herbal products for the entire family

Natural & Organic

head to heel herbal products for the entire family


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Welcome To Polycare Herbals

Polycare Herbals is an Traditional Medicine Manufacturers, Classic Medicine Products Manufacturers, Herbal Medicine Manufacturer in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. We are involved in traditional and proprietary medicine manufacturing.

Traditional systems of medicine like Ayurveda have become popular in recent years. This is part of the renewed ethnic cultures the world over, in their lifestyles and religious beliefs. Medicine may be seen as a living component of an unbroken tradition stretching back to several centuries.

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Our every effort goes to improve the quality of the product at every level from raw material to packaging.



Hindi Name : इलायची (Elaichi) Sanskrit Name : ela [एला]…


Hindi Name : लौंग या लवंग Sanskrit Name : Lavangaha,…


Hindi Name : संभालू/सम्मालू, शिवारी, निसिन्दा शेफाली Sanskrit Name :…

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