Leucohenz Tablet – A Leucorrhea Care

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  • Control Abnormal Discharge
  • Relief from intimate itching, burning
  • Reduces Rashes, irritation, foul smell
  • It is safe for long-term use.


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Leucorrhea is a whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge and usual one is caused by estrogen imbalance. Almost all women experience vaginal discharge. This is a natural function of the body to maintain a healthy vagina and flush out harmful microorganisms. The amount of discharge may increase due to the vaginal infection and it is associated with irritation. it comes and go by time to time, this vaginal discharge Keeps coming for many days it comes more in volume, foul -smelling with color changes. The best natural solution for leucorrhea is available through the combination of ayurvedic herbs.

Indications : A Leucorrhea Care

Dosage :
1-2 tablets, 2-3 times a day, or as directed by the physician
Note : For Better result consume it for at-least 1-3 Months

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