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Hindi Name : संभालू/सम्मालू, शिवारी, निसिन्दा शेफाली
Sanskrit Name : इन्द्राणी indrani, निर्गुण्डि nirgundi
English Name : Five-leaved chaste tree
Latin Name : Vitex negundo

Applying nirgundi oil, a strong antihistamine on the nose, neck and chest diminishes congestion in those suffering from asthma. Much like sitopaladi churna, it is also effective in healing several respiratory illnesses like bronchitis, allergies and breathing difficulties.

Key Benefits :

  • Nirgundi essential oil showed antibacterial activity against B. subtilis, S. aureus, E. coli, and P. aeruginosa.
  • When tested in an animal model, the pain relieving activity of extract of V. negundo was compared with that of aspirin and meperidine.
  • The heated leaf is used for managing rheumatoid arthritis-related pain and sprains.
  • Washing the wounds with nirgundi leaves extract can aid in cleaning infected ulcers.