Uralac Capsule (Useful in Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms)

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  • Useful in Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms
  • Reduce inflammation or swelling in Prostate gland
  • Relieves painful/burning urination
  • Improving urine excretion from the body
  • Effective against localised microbial growth
  • Corrects impaired crystalloid – colloid imbalance
  • Check yellow urine with irritation


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Prostate care is very important, because there is common problem seen in males with advancing age is the enlarge the prostate gland. It may occur due to benign Prostatic hypertrophy(BPH) or Prostatitis or Prostate cancer etc. It is a progressive condition that exclusively affects the prostate gland.

Age-associated prostate gland enlargement that can cause urination difficulty Thus with this condition, the urinary stream may be weak or stop and start. It cause infection, bladder stones and reduced kidney function.

 Uralac capsule is useful for urinary disorders.  Uralac is very good for treatment of Prostatitis.

Indications : A Prostate care

Dosage :
1 to 2 capsule 3 times a day or as directed by the physician


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