Uralac Tablet

Rs. 220.00

  • Disintegrates Calculi into Fine Particles and Expels
  • Flushes out gravel due to diuretic properties
  • Prevents recurrence of stones
  • Increases the quantity of urine
  • Corrects impaired crystalloid – colloid imbalance




Uralac is ayurvedic ayurvedic stone medicine. Uralac is for urinary disorder. This drugs is generally good for maintaining kidney functions and very useful in the diseases of the genito-urinary system such as chronic cystitis, calculous affections. Uralac tablet is Disintegrates Calculi into Fine Particles and Expels.

Indications : Urinary Disorder

Dosage :
As directed by the physician
Presentation :
10×10 blister pack / 1000 tab plastic container pack